American Idol – Season 10 – Week 1

This year brings new faces on the stage and in the judges’ seats.

I (like many I’m sure) was unsure about Steven Tyler as a judge, but so far so good. The Stevenisms have been fun, and he does have some good critique to offer. I thought there would be a lot of comparing of Jennifer Lopez to Paula and Cara, but there’s really no comparison. She has the right amount of criticism and compassion to offer. I don’t think we’ll hear “You look nice” from her when someone sucks. I’m a little concerned with Randy Jackson in Simon‘s old chair. He seems to be the hard-nosed judge this year so far. I’ve actually agreed with most of the times he disagreed with the other two, but he was wrong about Haley last night. She was good!

The one thing I want to see more consistency on is their “karaoke” critique. If you’re going to tell one contestant that it sounds karaoke to sing a song like the original artist, then tell them ALL the same thing. Some would get up there and sing an exact cover and receive praise. So many of those original artists sound much worse on stage than their studio recordings that have been laid down after many takes. Why? Usually because of too much choreography!

So… about the top 24 contestants to go live this week…

If you missed it or need to refresh your memory, here are all of their performances from this week.

I love Brett, but I didn’t love his rendition of Light My Fire by The Doors. If I had to pick the top four guys based on auditions and last night, they would be Casey (absolutely, without a doubt belongs in the final four), James, Jacob, and Scotty. Jordon picked a bad song that didn’t reflect who he wants to be as an artist. It wasn’t terrible, but I think he can do a lot better. I love the unique sound that Paul has, but I don’t think it will carry him to the top. Robbie or Clint could possibly break into the top five. This week’s stinker for the guys was Stefano.

For the lovely ladies, I think Karen belongs in the final four for sure. Standing next to her in the mix of top five girls should be both Laurens, Haley, and Thia Megia (I love saying her name!). Of course, I love Naima’s voice, too. Much tougher call on the ladies than the gents this year. I don’t understand the standing ovation for Pia. She was good, but I don’t think she was any better than those in my pick for the top five. Sit down judges! This week’s stinker for the girls was definitely Ta-Tynisa.

Favorite moment from Steven this week was last night when he just said, “Uhhh….” followed by a long pause and a blank, puzzled stare. I forget who had just sung, but was great!


Randy, Jennifer, Steven, & Ryan



Darcy Elliott

I don't believe humans truly have a purpose. Our goal is to survive until we expire. Period. Joy is pleasurable and worrying is not. Balance in life is crucial; but if the scales must tip, may they tip on the side of joy. I’m just another human trying to survive. I blog because I can and because I enjoy it, not because it serves any purpose.

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