Growth Hormone Dosage Increased | Some Progress Seen

A few tenths of a centimeter taller!

A follow-up appointment with the endocrinologist showed that Ali has grown a tiny bit, but the doctor thinks we might see more growth in the small amount of time we have left before her growth plates close at a higher dosage of Omnitrope (growth hormone). They also took another bone-age x-ray of her hand & wrist today to check the growth plates.

The slightly higher dosage is fine. The bad news: About every fourth day will require two shots. The vials of GH contain 10 mg. The last we checked, 2.7 doesn’t go into 10 evenly, and the doc doesn’t want to dose a smaller amount once or twice a week as the vial runs low. The specialty pharmacy doesn’t take this into account when filling the prescription and dispenses enough to cover 28 days with as near to an exact calculation of milligrams as possible.

Next appointment: May 24

I told Ali we could rig something up to stretch her while she sleeps. 😀 Did you know your natural growth hormones increase while you’re sleeping? Fact. This is why they recommending doing the injections at night.

2 Replies to “Growth Hormone Dosage Increased | Some Progress Seen”

  1. I’m almost 28, do you think I’m done growing? I really don’t think I’m much taller then your daughter. Very cool watching her progress. Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m still praying for her!


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