Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign? | Zodiac Schmodiac

It’s the hottest topic on the interwebs this week!

One of my kids is now supposedly an Ophiuchus. GASP! Where will she find her horoscope?! What does this mean?! Oh my gosh! Her whole world could have changed! Most of the human population’s birthdays now apparently fall under a different astrological sign. Are you buying this? I’m not.

First of all, if you read the traits for each sign of the zodiac, you can spin them to fit your personality in some way. Rumor has it that I have switched from an Aries to a Pices. Pffft! I have actually always seen how traits from both of these signs do fit my personality, but the Aries traits fit me better. When I actually bothered to read my horoscope back in the day, I found it to be fairly accurate. Then again, there often seemed to be something from each sign’s horoscope that could have described my days – all of your days. There’s the rub … they’re written in such a way that they’re almost generic.

Read the description for each astrological sign and see for yourself. I bet you can pick out something from each sign that fits your personality. I’m usually not overly skeptical, and I don’t think I’m being overly skeptical in this case because I still feel that the description of an Aries fits my personality most accurately. The description of a Pices, especially the part about needing a “dominant partner of role model in their life” is a little off the mark but still holds a lot of similarities to my personality.

A fun experiment that debunks the horoscope myth!

Then there’s the issue of compatibility. My husband is a Libra but is now apparently a Virgo. Aries (fire sign) and Libra (air sign) mixed together equal “hot air”! 😀 While opposites, they do attract. This description of the pairing does say it can work quite well, actually. Pices and Virgo, on the other hand, aren’t dealt such a good hand. Does this mean that some cosmic shift in the alignment of the constellations is sure to mean the demise of our marriage? Highly doubtful!

If I did buy into this, I would stand firm that the sign under which I was born is (and always will be) my sign.

Darcy Elliott

I don't believe humans truly have a purpose. Our goal is to survive until we expire. Period. Joy is pleasurable and worrying is not. Balance in life is crucial; but if the scales must tip, may they tip on the side of joy. I’m just another human trying to survive. I blog because I can and because I enjoy it, not because it serves any purpose.

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