Ritual Cobb Salad Lunch | Julie & Julia

“Cobb Salad, no blue cheese.”
“Cobb Salad, no beets.”
“Cobb Salad, no bacon.”
“Cobb Salad, no eggs”

Are you familiar with the movie Julie & Julia? This scene stands out to me. It could be because it’s a little uncomfortable.

Here we have Julie, once editor of Amherst Literary Magazine; the one everyone knew would be “The One”; temped for eight years; gave up on a novel; now working in a cubical in a government office. Meanwhile, her friends have pushed ahead in careers. There’s a newly promoted Senior Vice President in charge of publicity (no blue cheese), a corporate real estate mogul (no beets), and a writer for a magazine (no bacon). The writer paints Julie (no eggs) in a negative light in her magazine’s feature article, suggesting she had failed at life.

Of course, we all know that Julie ended up with her own accomplishment, and I consider her accomplishment to be a pretty awesome thing. But what defines success? What do you consider success?

I believe that if you love what you do, and you do it well and with great confidence, then you are successful.

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