Today’s Ambitious Goals Twarted by Possible Virus

As soon as I sat up in bed this morning, I felt a little dizzy. I thought maybe it was because I only slept for five hours last night. So I decided to curl back up for a little longer, and I felt like my whole bed was spinning. Not fun! It finally let up after lunch, and I was able to get two errands scratched off my list: Home Depot and King Soopers. However, it still looks like Christmas in my house because joint aches and ringing ears hit by late afternoon. Are you kidding me?

We are hosting this month’s Poker Night on Friday exactly one half hour after I clock out from work. I now have three days to get Christmas put away and all parts of the house viewable by visitors straightened up and cleaned. No. Actually, I have about six hours to accomplish this by the time you take work, sleep, and other commitments out of the equation. But it’s crammed into my schedule with no wiggle room. If this does turn out to be a virus that gets me down, I could hand out blinders as guests arrive.

In the end, it’ll be fine! Good friends, good snacks, good frosty beverages … GOOD TIMES!

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