’tis the Season to be Jolly | Who Stole My Jolly?

Where Are You Christmas?

“My life is changing. I’m rearranging. Does that mean Christmas changes, too?

I thought it would help to get the trees up earlier this year, but it hasn’t. I’m not at a Scrooged point because I really do want to feel the joy of Christmas. Instead, I’m feeling stress and anxiety over trying to make a perfect Christmas in the dawn of an imperfect situation.

I walk into stores and walk back out with nothing. I’ve already established the fact that I hate shopping and prefer to get in, get what I need, and get out as fast as possible. OK, so I get sidetracked from time to time if something catches my eye but for the most part, shopping and I are not close friends. This month, I would not consider us to be friends at all.

“If there is love in your heart and your mind, you will feel like Christmas all the time.”

The problem is that retailers have taught us something different entirely. They seem to sing, “If there are credit cards or cash in your wallet, we will feel like Christmas all the time.”

Today, my feeble mind forgot that there is no Macy’s at Park Meadows Mall. So I made a half loop around the mall, looked at a few things, then spent too much on some Mrs. Field’s cookies to soothe my frustrations before leaving.

There was one moment where love welled up in my heart and my mind as I walked out the doors of JCPenney to the parking lot. I heard a bell ringing outside the door. Without a second thought, I scooped up all the coins in my clutch and slipped them into the red collection pot for Salvation Army while smiling warmly and with a twinkle in my eye at the woman ringing that bell.

There you are, Christmas!

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