Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows | The Wait Continues

My favorite part of the movie is captured in this on-set photo. In the midst of worry and fear, they took a moment to dance and laugh a little.

I can’t really write much about the movie without giving it away for those who haven’t read the books and don’t already know the story. I will say that the movie does start out somber and serious straight away. I’ll also tell you that the preview was deceiving where it looked like Ron was raising the sword to kill Nagini. That’s not what he was doing there.

I love that you can clearly see Draco’s shame and distaste for the Death Eater life; though you don’t see much of that whole clan in this movie. Snape is his usual mysterious self. Keep your eye on him in the next movie!

Harry, Ron, and Hermione monopolized most of the screen time this go round so there’s a sense of a lot missing. That certainly didn’t make the movie drag too much because it didn’t feel like we were watching for two and a half hours. In fact, when the final scene ended and the closing credits started, I was shocked. It was a good place to end, but I could have easily sat there another two hours to see more!

Was it my favorite of all the movies so far? No. It was a hurry up, slow down, hurry up again, and now wait experience. So the wait continues for another eight months for Part 2!

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