Celebrity Gossip Confirmed – You WON’T Believe This!

It’s a fact that a large majority of the human population can’t get enough of other people’s problems – especially if it concerns celebrities.

Are you down with O.P.P.? “Yeah, you know me!” Remember that song?

Who’s leaving who, and why did they split? There have been several popular celebrity couples splitting lately. It’s all over the rag mag stands at the check out lanes. Courtney & David, Brad & Angie, Billy Ray & Tish (poor Miley), Carey & Shia, Blake & Penn, and … OMG … Susan Sarrandin and Tim Robbins split after 23 years together! <GASP!> Rumors of a Tom-Kat split appear to be false. There was a spat last month over Katie publicly stating that they had no plans to “expand their brood” just yet, when Tom was hopeful that Katie would get pregnant within the next year. On a side note, Tom & Nicole’s daughter, Bella, is planning to escape Tom’s compound where she’s been extremely sheltered to go live with mom in Nashville.

Do I really care about all of this? NO! This post is just a test to see how many people would actually click the link to read the full article. I’m testing my theory that people don’t really care to read informative or helpful posts, nor do they care to read about a friend’s or acquaintance’s problems (possibly out of fear that they would somehow become involved in those problems merely by reading them). What captures people’s attention is gossip – the more famous, the better. Why? Personally, I think it’s because it’s somehow comforting to know that famous people are not untouchable and suffer through the same issues we suffer through. Maybe this is why I’m not easily “star struck”. They’re just people!

I wonder how many people stopped reading after “just a test” above? Beyond those words, my post turned into blah blah blah blah blah – right? Thanks for playing … game over!

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