Grocery Savings

A Little Extra Work Pays Off

I started using a couple years ago, but I stopped when life got busy. It takes a little extra work, but it certainly pays off. The easiest thing to do is to date the coupon circulars that come in the Sunday paper and keep them in a file. Each week, you can open the website, choose your local store, and open a page that matches sales to coupons for you for the best deals possible. Today I bought only a few items that weren’t on sale plus a few more that were on sale and had no coupons for any of those items. All the rest were both on sale and matched with coupons for a total savings of 38% (more coupons found through So instead of $207.71, I paid $128.39 for a full trunk of groceries!

My savings goal is 40%. It will definitely create some variety in meals and snacks around here to buy like this, which I consider a good thing.

The house is already filled with the aroma of dark chocolate brownies I got for 88¢ per box. There was a limit of six, and I bought six! I’m going to top a brownie with a scoop of Dryer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream (50% off), toss in some fresh raspberries (BOGO), and drizzled with a little chocolate syrup (already in fridge). Total estimated cost for this luscious dessert: 70¢. Total average price for comparable dessert in a restaurant: $5.89. A dollop of whip cream would push it over the top on the sin meter and perhaps add another dime to the cost, but I didn’t think of that in the store. Dang!

For dinner tonight: London Broil (currently marinating in the fridge)! Sale priced at 60% off. There were two in the package, so I mixed up extra marinade in a zip-lock freezer bag, tossed in the other cut, and put it in the freezer.

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