Poor George

I believe we had a group effort going before to keep George healthy and perky. Whenever someone in the house would notice him getting a little droopy, they’d bring him some water. Well, there has been some serious neglect lately, and I was beginning to fear for his life. Not only was he drooping, but his poor leaves were quite scrawny, some of which were downright brittle!

I brought George home from St. Louis almost two years ago after my dad’s funeral. His name is George because that was a playful nickname of my dad’s when he was being a snot! “Alright, George!” I understand this Peace Lily is not my father, but it is a reminder. It’s also quite a lovely addition to the family room, bringing warmth and a wee bit of oxygen – something we can’t get enough of at the 5800 ft. elevation of Aurora, Colorado!

So I gave George a full two cups of water the other day, and he started to perk up again. Seeing this, I brought him another cup this morning and noticed that he has also sprouted some tender new growth in the middle! Oh happy day! So with a little careful grooming, I just might be able to revive him.


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