College Degrees and Their Impact on Your Financial Future

I just read this article: What’s a Degree Really Worth? Now I have some questions everyone.

1. How many of you who attended a 4 (or more)-year university have a job directly related to your college major?

2. Without disclosing numbers, do you feel you make more money with that degree than those in modest, full-time jobs without degrees?

3. If you weren’t so privileged to have parents who could foot the entire bill (or any of it), how long did it take to pay off student loans and actually keep more of that higher paycheck when you received it?

4. How many of you attended a trade school or technical college to earn an Associate’s Degree in two years or less with direct and intense training for the specific job you were after?

5. How many of you, for whatever reason at all, decided not to go to college and relied on your high school (or equivalent) diploma to be sufficient to enter the job force?

6. How many of you who did not attend college (or attended very little college without graduating) have a job you are happy doing?

7. How many of you who did not attend college (or very little) are making as much or more than the average income of a person with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree?

I attended a 12-month course at a business college to receive a diploma only from them. It’s not an Associate’s Degree. I could have started in a receptionist position at any mid-sized company for the same amount of money I made after paying for this college. I now make the same, if not a little more, than the average person with an Associate’s Degree. When overtime is offered, I make as much as the average person with a Bachelor’s Degree.

My point is that I don’t feel like college is for everyone. Obviously there are many careers that absolutely require a degree. I am also, in NO way discouraging anyone from going to college! I’m merely pointing out that just because some can’t afford college, it isn’t a sentence to live in poverty. You may not drive fancy cars or live in huge homes with wasted space, but you can be blissfully happy without a college degree.

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