Personality Test Results Almost Spooky!

We took a 25 “question” Insights evaluation at work, and the narrative results were spot on! I was surprised to learn that I’m a “motivational director” type only because of my own self doubts. I know I have it in me, but I guess my fear of failure keeps me from letting it shine. I lead with the color red (70%) followed by yellow (67%) and blue (66%) very close behind. Having three traits higher than 50% means I’m accommodating. So it makes sense that I consider myself a chameleon. I adapt well to my surroundings most of the time. Go Carl Gustav Jung!

Apparently I’m seen as a natural leader with a hearty and frank style. I dislike failure deeply. I’m results oriented and thorough, which explains why it bugs me when I see someone do a mediocre job. I was taught that if you’re going to do something, do it right.

My easy-going exterior may mask a rather more compulsive interior. OK … how can they tell that by word association questions? Wow!

I focus on truth, accuracy, and productivity. It goes on to say that this can be seen by others as a rather one-sided commitment to my work. Yes! I’m stimulated by challenges. Duh! Learning is a life-long process for me and I’m in favor of anything which will increase my mental capability. Every day!

Keeping in touch with my emotions, standing outside of them when necessary rather than allowing them to take over, helps me to stay more fully in control of a situation. Hmmm… Control.

I need work that makes use of my strongly creative drive. Tasks that involve practical day-to-day maintenance tend to frustrate me. Could this explain my dislike of housework and filing? My interest, enthusiasm and energy levels are high. I will dismiss negatives, being eager to accomplish the task.

I may lose interest and move on to the next thing, once a job becomes routine or dull. Anyone who knows me can attest to this!

I can be exceedingly stubborn and independent when faced with change or new ideas if they are not my own. I like to lead rather than manage, am normally fair but demanding, and will not always be willing to accept change without first knowing why. Dead on!

My communication style is honest, direct, and to the point, and I prefer others to be similarly candid with me. Apparently, I’m a good innovator, negotiator, and manager. I might confess (and I do) to being puzzled by others’ perception of me as rigid and intractable (not easily governed, managed, or directed). This perception may result from my tendency to express my independent views rather directly. I do apologize, but I don’t believe in fluff and am generally not a mushy type.

I find problems stimulating and am primarily convinced by logical reasoning. It’s true!

Internally motivated to achieve, I’m a hard worker, who whilst being prepared to listen to, and be aware of others, will invariably go it alone if all else fails. I’m impatient with what I may see as inefficiency. Yes! I can’t see wasting time trying to figure out one way to do something if another way is going to be much faster with the same end result. It drives me nuts! Just get on with it already!

I’m normally comfortable with my decisions even in the face of possible conflict with others in more senior positions. I’m frank and decisive and won’t hesitate to let others know where I stand. All true! If it comes into my head and I feel strongly enough about it, it will invariably fall right out of my mouth!

One thing I disagree with is on a page about barriers to effective communication with me. When communicating with me it says to not leap between topics in an unstructured way. Are you kidding me? This is how my brain operates! On the other hand, it also says not to railroad me without a fight. Bring it on, baby!

Some things that I didn’t like reading were on the possible blind spots section. I’m honest and fair (good stuff) but can be seen as rather blunt and tactless in my ready criticism of others. I also may sometimes come across to others as somewhat boastful and selfish. I apologize! I also have a tendency to become very defensive if challenged.

Luckily, I have no issues at all with the suggestions for my personality type when communicating with my opposite type. I have the ability to blend with my surroundings and tune into the communication style of the person I’m speaking with. I could work on slowing down a bit more, though.

I tend to be extroverted. I’m a thinker, and my perception is based more on intuition.

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