Jamestown, RI | Charming Vacation Rentals Across America

I’m beginning to understand more and more that “charming” doesn’t have to mean small. This 4BR rental in Jamestown, Rhode Island combines charm with luxury and comes out smelling like a rose! OK, so I don’t know what it smells like really, but I’m sure it’s quite nice! I love it when people aren’t afraid of a little color!

If only we had the energy to paint the rest of our white walls… I bet this is why I’m so drawn to houses with color. I don’t want to vacation in a home that reminds me of my own home. I want something different!

With WiFi, a pool, and a private two acres, this is fabulous! Of course, the photographer in me is always scoping out picturesque settings as well, and this has definitely got it!

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