Health Updates on Tests & Exams

I’m in an interesting place with my vision. I’m inching closer to bifocals, but I can still put them off. I was able to order two pairs of glasses. One pair is for normal wear when I need to see at a distance. The other pair is strictly for computer work in a weaker prescription. For photography, I was given a trial contact lens for my left eye in a weaker prescription. So I will be able to compose my shots in the viewfinder with my right eye and preview images as needed with my left eye (no, I don’t need to appear to be winking at everyone – both eyes stay open and the brain just knows what to do). The doc held a lens over my left eye while I had my glasses on to show me what it would look like. It could be a different story while actually wearing them, so we’ll see! If I have to continue to lift my glasses on the job to check settings, then so be it!

Example only - not my heart.

Several have been asking if I’ve heard anything regarding my echo cardiogram yet. Well, I finally did today. I do have some heart vomiting … I mean regurgitation going on with confirmed mitral valve prolapse (already knew that). The palpitations had been a lot milder, but not gone, at the time of this call. They said if it’s causing any other difficulties, they can medicate – if not, then we can wait it out and see if it settles from here. I decided to go with keeping a daily log of foods, activity, moods, and stress levels to see if we can see a correlation between any of that and the palps. I’ll be creating a simple spreadsheet for that next.

Wouldn’t you know it? For the last hour, the palps have been angrier. Thinking back over my day, my sodium intake was above normal. I had a Grinder from Which Wich with their House Chips for lunch! Add to that an unplanned trip to the doc with Josh for his persistent prank calls to the ear (tinnitus), and the fact that I was trying to get 10 hours in at work today (managed 9 hr 40 min) – safe to say that the stress level was a little higher. But I wouldn’t call it abnormally high because I did manage to laugh hysterically today!

The verdict on Josh’s ear that’s been ringing incessantly and with increasing volume since Sunday? He’s being referred to an ENT for a closer look at a “blister-like” something in the ear canal, where they’ll do a full evaluation of hearing, etc. Have to wait for a call on that.

After working four or five hours tomorrow morning, I’m off to Redstone College (40-ish minute drive) to take care of some financial aid paperwork due to somebody’s misunderstanding about being able to drop a block and take it over. He’s taking the Airframe & Powerplant Program. So I’m thinking about that as well as the stack of mail I have to get through to sort bills & filing and the photo files I have to work with and the CF cards I have to make sure are cleared & backed up and the batteries I have to be sure are all charged … all for the wedding I’m shooting on Saturday in Ft. Collins – over an hour away!  At least that last item will be my escape because it’s what I love most!

So yeah! No stress here! 😀

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