Gadgets, Echos, & Eyes – OH MY!

Caught up in all the excitement of this new Smartphone (and it is smart!), as well as the hustle and bustle of work and doctor appointments, I’ve been remiss in blogging again. It’s so hard to write on command, though.  I would like to schedule a time to just sit here and write, but the thoughts just don’t flow like that! Creative people work off of inspiration, and you can’t schedule that.

So what’s going on with me this week? Plenty! Of course, you read in my last post that I now have a new Smartphone. That’s how my week started. I was the first person to purchase a new Captivate from Spring AT&T in Southlands. In fact, I walked in the store with the guy who unlocked the door and sold it to me! I’ve been waiting for this phone since April – so, yes, I was anxious! There will, without a doubt, be phones that will blow this one out of the water, but that’s in the future. I live in the “now”.

This phone has all I need, and then some, to keep me organized. In fact, I’ve already switched from using Outlook’s calendar to my Google calendar because it syncs directly to the calendar on my phone, and … wait for it … It’s COLOR CODED!!! My ADD mind is loving this! That’s not all. Last night, I discovered an app (so many of which, including this one, are FREE) called “Easy Note” that syncs with Google Docs. Oh … my … gosh! To-do lists, shopping lists, ideas, and so much more that I can organize into separate folders. So now, I’m discovering all the wonderful tools my Google account has to offer that I’ve been completely ignoring! Google Docs has many templates at your disposal, and I’m curious about the budget template. I might have to share that one with my kids.

Folder names can be changed, deleted, and more added.

Enough of that (for now), though. Other things that have been keeping me busy are work (no need to expand on that), and appointments. I had an echo cardiogram yesterday to get a look at that mitral valve that’s been dealing me fits. That was interesting to watch on the screen! Nothing seemed to alarm the technician, and it all looked like it was working the way it supposed to to me with no enlarged chambers or severe regurgitation. So I suspect the final word from the docs will be that it’s currently still a benign situation, lay off the caffeine (will never completely happen), drink more water (really trying), and eliminate stress/anxiety (Do they KNOW me?).

One more appointment to go – this morning! My vision has been changing, and it’s driving me nuts. I have my glasses off right now because, even though it’s still a little fuzzy, it’s less of a strain to work on computers with them off. When I’m taking photos, I have to have them on but then lift them up when I need to review images on the camera close up. Since I am now double insured, I didn’t have to wait until September for another appointment, but I was shocked to hear they had an appointment available the next morning when I called. So I have a little work to do before I leave for that. I think I weaseled out of having my eyes dilated last time, so I’m afraid they will insist on it this time. That won’t make work fun afterward!

Last, but by no means least, my week will end with a wedding shoot in Ft. Collins! I won’t expand on that just yet, though. You’ll have to wait.

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