Fitness Routine | 1 Week Down

One week has gone by since starting a fitness routine, or lack thereof since it hasn’t exactly become a routine yet. “Baby steps” is one thing, but lack of discipline is something else entirely! Four days of exercising out of eight may sound alright for just starting out but when three of those days were skipped in a row, it’s not alright. No more than one day skipped at a time anymore!

On that note, I’ve already gone awry this morning. I stayed up too late all weekend and decided not to get up super early this morning. Luckily, it’s going to be a nice day, so I can take my walk during a break from work. At least I got a set of “scissors” done on the Gazelle this morning. Also, since it’s time to step it up a little, I’ll either be taking another walk or a bike ride this evening. I still need to figure out something to do for upper body, too. My arms, back, and abs need a lot of attention!

So this is not a motivating post. It’s more of a thinking-out-loud post. Until I become addicted to exercise (and I do hope to get to that point), I don’t feel qualified to try and motivate others. However, I do love a good challenge if anyone would like to start moving as well!

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