I Scream

It’s true that I’m generally a happy person, and I like to have fun and not stress over every minor detail of life.  Those minor details, like crumbs on a kitchen floor that scatter to the baseboards, eventually become very noticeable.  That’s when I scream.  I may not always audibly scream, but I’m screaming on the inside just the same.

I scream because I feel if I don’t do things myself, they won’t get done.  I scream because these things don’t seem to bother anyone else enough to do anything about it themselves.  I scream because I have ADD, which makes it hard enough to keep my own life organized much less organize the lives of everyone else in the house.  I scream!

I scream at the IRS!  After many years of receiving a sizable refund, drastic changes were made causing us to owe money the past two years.  Now I scream because we no longer have the luxury of traveling much for vacations.

I scream at people!  Instead of wasting energy bad-mouthing people and things (I’m not going to offer specifics because that’s not the point here), get out there and do something to try and make a change!

I scream at kids!  I especially scream at young adolescent girls on the cusp of becoming teenagers who walk a fine line between just being smart or being smart asses.  Note to such girls: Mean Girls Suck! Note to my own such girl: Don’t lose your compassionate, caring nature, and be watch out for those “friends” who have a tendency towards a mean and sarcastic nature.

I scream at the corporate world full of mergers & acquisitions, job descriptions, the addition of rungs in corporate ladders, and the politics of it all!

These are just a few of the crumbs that make me scream.  What makes you scream?

Darcy Elliott

I don't believe humans truly have a purpose. Our goal is to survive until we expire. Period. Joy is pleasurable and worrying is not. Balance in life is crucial; but if the scales must tip, may they tip on the side of joy. I’m just another human trying to survive. I blog because I can and because I enjoy it, not because it serves any purpose.

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