American Idol – Top Nine

It seemed to take Ryan longer than usual to get the show started last night, partly because I was anxious to hear who the mentor was for this week.  Cue the judges … How can you not notice Simon’s orange glow?  If he weren’t so tall, I’d suspect Oompa Loompas in his family tree.

There it was.  A video message from Paul McCartney wishing them luck.  Still, I sat on the edge of my seat thinking it may be a trick; Paul may come sauntering down the stairs.  No such luck – no mentor this week at all.  Instead, we had footage of the contestants dishing on one another before each performance.  Cute.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts…

Aaron (aka: Yoda) – The Long and Winding Road
He seemed uncomfortable and sounded shaky.  The arrangement was a little weird, like he tried to change it a little but failed.  Ellen called it “The Long and Winding Song”.  All four judges were disappointed.

Katie – Let it Be
She started soft but controlled, then kicked it up.  For a change, she seemed connected to the song.  It didn’t feel like I was watching her perform in a high school talent show.  Simon said, “You got it right” and tried to take credit for her the change.  All four judges liked it.

Andrew – Can’t Buy Me Love
Andrew, Andrew, Andrew.  I just don’t have anything left to say at this point.  It was fun, but it was also the same as every other week.  This is the kind of guy that would be fun to have at a party, but I wouldn’t pay to see a concert.  Andrew performed behind the judges, close to the audience, and he gave the song a Rock-a-Billy spin.  Randy called it “a bit corny at times”.  None of the judges were excited.

Mike – Eleanor Rigby
YES!  Simon and his “sounded like something from a musical” can stick it because that was great!  Kara thought “that was FIRE!”

Crystal (aka: Mamasox) – Come Together
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!  She was confident and comfortable.  The digeridoo didn’t distract me at all.  Simon liked that she was being “true to herself”, and all the judges liked it.

Tim (aka: Smiling Tim) – All My Lovin’
His vocals were smooth and controlled this time, and that nice tone I know he has in there somewhere came out.  It was a better week for Tim.  Simon says… “did well – no gimmicks – takes criticism like a man.”  This may carry him through another week.

Casey (with his big laugh) – Jealous Guy
With his acoustic guitar and a cellist to complement, Casey seemed to pour his heart into this one.  Randy called it “heartfelt”, Kara called it “soulful”, and Simon said it was the “best of the night so far”.  Just when I thought I was over Casey, he changed it up and has my interest again.

Siobhan – Across the Universe
She started out soft and pretty.  This is where a lot of contestants can choke, but she has excellent control of her vocals at any level of projection.  Kara said she was “restrained”, but she meant that in a good way.  Siobhan took the advice about overusing the scream and chose not to bring it out this week.  Nicely done!  I’m still a huge fan!  This is the song that stuck in my head and is still there this morning.

Lee (aka: Worry Wart) – Hey Jude
Soul Patrol all over again!  I could totally picture Taylor Hicks up there singing that song.  I’m still concerned about his mumbling and slurring and wish he’d spit out the marbles, but it was good.  Sounds like something you’d hear on the radio already.  The bagpiper was a little distracting; more so because of the whole outfit than the pipes themselves.  The judges all seemed humored by the bagpipes, and Simon “wouldn’t have done it”.  Still, they all had nice things to say about Lee’s part of the performance.

Bottom 3 Picks:

Darcy Elliott

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