Artisan Jewelry

Handmade by Me!

Did you know that “artisan” is just a fancy word for “hand crafted”?  I’ve been making jewelry for several years now.  That was one of the reasons I was drawn to a new Michaels over two years ago.  I kept driving past the doors watching for a sign telling when it was to open.  One day there was a sign that said “Now Hiring”.  They were conducting interviews on the spot that day.  It must have been kismet!  I got the job, which included a 25% employee discount.  Within 6 weeks I was promoted to Price Integrity Coordinator.  After another few months, I was promoted again to Event Coordinator.  I was in charge of the initial interviewing of class instructors.  Can you guess who made got the Jewelry Instructor position?  ME!

I miss the employee discount now that I no longer work there, but I’ve learned how to watch the sales and coupons.  There are some good coupons this weekend.  Today only there’s a 15% off entire purchase, including sale items.  Tomorrow only there’s a 30% off entire purchase, excluding sale items.  That’s where we’re headed today before the movie theater.  ;->


Click each photo for larger view.

As a woman with many interests and hobbies, I tend to let some things simmer and collect a little dust.  Recently, I decided to brush away the cobwebs and dive back into jewelry making!  The pieces shown here are my latest creations.  The bonus:  combining jewelry making with photography!  Be still my heart!

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