American Idol – TEN

I’ve resisted this long but now that we’re down to the top ten, it’s time to blog my thoughts each week.  As I type, I have the performances playing back on the AI website.


…sang Through the Fire.  I was shocked that she didn’t pull that song off as well everyone seems to think she could have.  Interesting.  I agree with Simon about the “signature scream”.  I’m bored with it now.  Still, she is one of my favorites.


…sang Ready for Love.  Interesting song choice, but he really pulled it off with amazing vocal control  A lot of people really crack on the tender songs.  I had a Paula moment with tears over his voice.  I know!  Weird!  Mike is safe.


…sang What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.  She has that quirky quality, but she can also hit some amazing big notes with great projection.  The two extremes don’t work for me within one song, though.  I understand the song meant something to HER, but it did nothing to showcase what she can do.  I fear she may hit the bottom three this week, but I don’t want to see her go just yet.  Give her some time to figure it out and be true to herself and not be confused by the advice and criticism from the judges.  Let Didi do what Didi does best.


…sang Chain of Fools.  As soon as I heard Katie was doing Aretha, I said that the judges would point out her age again.  Hit it on the nose there!  She was spot on with her vocals, but I didn’t see a connection.  Lounge act, or high school talent show performance.  It’s almost unfortunate that she has such a mature voice at her age because the judges want to see something “current” from her, but I don’t think her voice matches “current”.  That’s her main challenge right there!  Randy mentioned a comparison to Christina, but Simon poo-poo’d that comment.  I have to agree with Randy.  When Christina and Brittany both hit the pop scene, I thought Christina had the pipes.  Katie has pipes!


…sang Sweet Love.  Snore.  People cheer and clap when contestants hit big notes and hold them.  Big deal!  That doesn’t impress me because that’s not the hard part.  Did you hear the first eight words of the song?  What a mess!  Bottom three again.  If he doesn’t go home, then that Vote for the Worst site really has a lot of influence.  But hey!  At least he will laugh it off!


…sang Midnight Train to Georgia.  I’m still a huge fan, and I like that she did something different, but again… I agree with Simon that she should stick to her guns and do what she does best.  Back to the guitar and hippy dresses girl!  The only thing that made me wince a little was when she did the little falsetto in the middle.


…sang Ain’t no Sunshine and did NOT listen to Usher with the “I know” part of the song.  Ya know … ya know?  It was boring.  This is a little fish that should be thrown back in the lake to finish growing.  I see him in the bottom three this week, but I think he’ll be saved by the very same little kids that sent Lilly home WAY too soon.  He looks like some kid on the Disney Channel.


…sang Hold On I’m Coming.  He’s not bad by any stretch, but he just doesn’t make me go “WOW!”  Bar band potential.  I’m just over him.


…sang Treat Her Like a Lady.  He was in his element, but it bugs me how he slurs his phrases.  I know it’s a style, but I don’t care for it.  He does sound like he could already have an album out there, though.  He’s safe.


…sang Forever.  Really?  His vocals were good, but I’m just not a huge fan.  I don’t have anything else to say about Andrew.

So with Tim’s incredible fan base on Vote for the Worst, and Aaron’s obvious Disney-Channel-watching fan base, I’m afraid Didi might go home if America holds true to its habit of voting on the current week’s performance alone.  My alternate pick for the B3 would be Andrew this week.


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