Local Nonprofit Children’s Theater Company Fundraiser

Shoestring Children’s Theater Company (SCTC) is a local nonprofit organization that supports literacy by bringing books by Colorado authors to life on stage!  SCTC will be performing “Remote Control” with the accompaniment of the Aurora Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, March 13.  Funds raised at Fish City Grill (see menu) will help with costumes, props, and set design for this FREE performance!  When I say free, I mean even the kids in the production did not have to pay any tuition to be in this performance, so the money is REALLY needed!!!

I know this is a weeknight, and I know LOST starts at 7:00 on this night… but wouldn’t it be great to get a group together after work for a quick bite on your way home?  How about swinging by for lunch that day if you work in that area?  The whole day’s proceeds count!

I whole-heartedly support this organization.  There are plenty of opportunities for kids to be involved in sports and music through school, but theater opportunities usually aren’t an option until at least middle school.  Outside of school, kids enroll in dance and/or gymnastics classes, but there aren’t a lot of options for theater.  SCTC is that option!  What a wonderful opportunity for kids to get an early start.  Just think of the “leg up” these kids will have once they reach high school and audition for the school plays & musicals!

I donate my time as a photographer for SCTC along with two other photographers.  If you would like to help support this group and can’t make it to the Fish City “Fun Raiser”, let me know!  Tax-deductible monetary donations are always welcome.  This can be done directly through PayPal here.  A new website is in the works, but you can still find basic information about SCTC on their current website.  If you or someone you know is interested in making costumes, contact SCTC!

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