Snob or Particular?

What makes one a snob?  The dictionary defines the word snob as “a person who imitates, cultivates, or slavishly admires social superiors and is condescending or overbearing to others”.  Simply being particular doesn’t necessarily make one a snob, though.

Looking down your nose at how others live, dress, or behave would make you a snob.  Preferring to live, dress, or behave a certain way yourself would not.  Appreciating fine things in life also does not make one a snob.  Defining “fine things” as better than what others may have might make one a snob.

I appreciate gourmet food, fine wine, and “designer” coffee, but I don’t consider them superior to food and beverages that others choose.  When I’m not in my work-from-home uniform of loungewear or sweats, I appreciate classy clothes.  I may have opinions about some of the clothing choices made by some, but I do my best to keep those opinions to myself.  I drive a Jag, but I don’t drive it because I think it’s better than anyone else’s car.  I drive it because I have dreamed of owning a Jaguar since before I could drive.

I worried for about a second that I might be considered a snob.  I am now comfortable with accepting that I am particular about some things.  I’m still me, though!  Take me or leave me.

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