Wedding Day :: Carefree or Stressful?

There’s No Such Thing as Perfect

This particular wedding was far from one with a “bridezilla”, and there was no screaming or tears over anything.  I just think it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the fact that there are those who choose to stress out over every detail of their wedding day.  From the placement of decorations to the placement of every hair on each wedding attendant, there is plenty for the bride to worry about.  There really is no such thing as perfect; only the possibility that not everything will go exactly as envisioned.  It really is okay, though.  Things will go as things will go, and the best way to deal with it is to just roll with it!

Most of the girls stepped on their dresses a little walking up the steps at the end of the aisle, including the bride, but no one fell.  The bride had a little trouble getting the ring on the groom’s finger, but it did go on.  There was a nest of lady bugs somewhere in the wall of the church, but they didn’t steal the show.  The limo was a size smaller than agreed on, but we managed alright.  The air conditioning wasn’t the greatest in the limo either, but at least it wasn’t a hot summer day.  The photo session took a while, but the location was fabulous!  The DJ introduced us wrong, but we did a switch-a-roo and walked in as announced anyway.

I had a few incidents which could have had me in a tizzy, but I chose to roll with it.  The day before the wedding, I planned on taking my dress to David’s Bridal to have it steamed at 11 a.m. when it opened.  When I got there, the store lock was broken and they were waiting for a locksmith so they could open the store.  No matter!  We decided to go to Lion’s Choice for lunch first and drive to the cemetery before going back.  The dress was still steamed with plenty of time to spare.  Then I realized the evening before the wedding that I had left my shoes for this Missouri wedding back in Colorado.  Off to the nearest Payless to buy an identical pair before they closed – no need to freak out.  Finally, the morning of the wedding, I noticed that the hair comb with crystals that I bought especially for the wedding was still tucked away in a safe spot at home in Colorado!  Luckily I had some other hair “do-dads” that were elegant enough to use instead.  Disappointed?  Of course.  Crushed?  Nope!

But wait!  Back up a few days before the wedding to the morning we left Colorado on schedule (5:00 a.m.) only to have to turn around after just one mile because the rear passenger window wouldn’t roll back up on my Jag.  The guys managed some teamwork to get it pulled up enough and secured to a point where driving 850 miles was bearable, and we were back on the road about 45 minutes later.  The window shimmied down a bit more than a crack, but not enough to worry much about rain or loud wind noise.  The cause of this was an oversight by the collision repair shop a couple months back, and they are now fixing it.  In any event, we knew the show must go on, so we did what needed to be done and prayed it would hold!

You could look at things like this as Murphy’s Law or bad omens, but it’s really just life.  Life will happen as it will in spite of your plans for it.  Don’t fight it.  Accept it for what it is because it’s gone so fast, the time it takes to freak out about it isn’t worth it!

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