The Bad Kharma (aka: CAR-ma) Continues

Old theatre seating behind the now closed Aztlan Theater.

For my second photo shoot of the day, I drove my friend and her three lovely daughters to the Sante Fe Art District for its fabulous backdrops.  We park in the alley just to the east of Santa Fe between 10th & 9th and all pile out of the Sonata.  After taking my camera from the bag and attaching my speedlight, I thought about which equipment I needed to bring with me.  Evidently, there is too much on my mind … I put the camera strap around my head and shut the trunk.  Then I froze.  I meant to grab the camera bag.  The camera bag which contained my wallet, cell phone, and KEY TO THE CAR!  I believe I dropped the f-bomb here.

The only one with a cell phone not locked in the car was one with no minutes (texting only).  Jason was working, and Josh isn’t comfortable enough to drive downtown yet.  Greg had to wait for the guy from the dealership where Jason’s new car came from because there were more papers to be signed.

Since there was nothing else to do about it, we went ahead with the photo shoot while we waited.  That’s what we were there for, and that had to be my main focus.

It didn’t hit me until later, and even then it wasn’t really for the simple fact that it happened.  Stuff happens (more so lately), and it doesn’t do any good to stress over it because, in the end, it all works out somehow.  What hit me more is the fact that I had others with me who did start to get a little nervous.  Right now, all I want to do is put it in the past and forget about it.  Part of me just wants to put air in the bike tires and start using that as my mode of transportation instead of any car.  This bad Kharma has to end soon!

2 Replies to “The Bad Kharma (aka: CAR-ma) Continues”

  1. Too bad you don’t have one of those intelligent fob/car combinations. Never models will not let you close the trunk if the fob is in the truck area (it will pop the trunk lid back open for you and beep) Same way with locking the fob inside the car … won’t let you lock the car with the fob inside.

    And yes, bad karma will eventually stop. I just hope it does stop sooner rather than later for you … like yesterday.


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