You Can’t Say “Yes” to Everything

noI tend to be a “yes” person.  Over the years, it has become easier to say no to many things.  However, when saying no means possibly letting someone down, it’s still very hard to do.

I was asked to help lead the children’s ministry worship team.  After I had spent some time thinking and praying about this, I learned that one of the desired outcomes is to teach this worship team how to worship for the glory of God and not just perform.  Helping with music I can do, but teaching this very intimate skill is not something I feel comfortable doing.  While I did feel a connection when I, myself, was leading worship through music in church, this was deeply personal and not something I can share with others – especially children.

I like children, and they like me, but teaching even came up in only the 3rd percentile on a career interest survey I once took.

There’s another direction I want to take with my life right now.  I left the music ministry behind me for multiple reasons.  My faith is a personal thing and at this time, I prefer not to share anything further about that.  Perhaps I will at another time.

Aside from that, I would be remiss if I didn’t take full advantage of as much overtime I can manage for however long it’s offered.  I want to get out of debt, and Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover is starting to show results!  Between that and building my photography business, I simply can’t take on anything else.  I let go of my position on the Board of Directors for SCTC for the same reason.

While it feels nice to be needed, sometimes it’s just not healthy to say yes to everything.

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