Writing Book Reviews for Publishing Company

I’ve been hired by Atlantic Publishing Company to read and review three books for publication on several sites.  The books I received in .pdf form to review are:

1. The Secret Power of Blogging
2. Painting the Body Beautiful
3. eBay Income Advanced

I started with Painting the Body Beautiful first to get it out of the way.  It was only 122 pages with very little to read.  It included the steps taken and materials used to, as it says, paint bodies.  A few of the results were stunning, but many weren’t that interesting to me.  There were a few bodies that I think should not have been used as examples for the book, too!  Some bodies are better behind real clothes rather than clothes that have been painted on.  (The same is true for real clothes that look as if they’ve been painted on.)

I’m now reading The Secret Power of Blogging, which had a slow start with information about the definition and history of blogging.  By the fourth chapter, things get a little more interesting – at least for my personal use of blogs.  I have two blogs right now, both on WordPress.

I will post my reviews of these books as separate entries on this blog before sending them to the publisher.

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