Where Did Saturday Go?

I fell asleep on bits and pieces of “27 Dresses” last night, but I managed to make sense of it. I knew starting it at 9:00 after getting up at 6AM was a bad idea! So I went right straight to bed when it was over, where I must have fallen asleep immediately. I slept straight through until 9:00AM! (By the way, the date/time stamp on this blog is off for some reason, and it really is still Saturday right now.)

My original plan for today was to go to the Art Museum. The first Saturday of every month is free. However, the weather wasn’t as warm as I would like to be walking around downtown, plus I don’t feel well today anyway, so I decided to work instead. I didn’t plan on working eight hours, but that’s what I ended up doing.

I started working at 10:30 on email and worked until 1:30, when I stopped to eat lunch. I worked from 3:30 until 6:30 on listings (completed and published 20 listings in three hours). At that point, my time was divided equally between the two areas, but I couldn’t stop there! There are over 4,000 emails waiting to be answered, which is a challenge I can’t resist! Each email is considered a case, and I closed 64 cases today. Some are as easy as “NNTR” (no need to respond), but some take a lot more investigating and involve several steps before they can be closed. Most cases are somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

So here it is after 9PM, and I think I’m just going to find a movie to watch in bed. Earlier I felt a little nauseous with that kind of headache you get when you throw up. Now I just feel a little weak and very dizzy when I move. That’s another reason I just kept working. As long as I sat still, I was okay. I could have laid in bed all day doing nothing or work and get paid overtime for it. Why not get paid for not feeling well? I put in a total of 15 hours of overtime this week and 13 hours last week! I wonder if that will be enough to cover materials needed to fix my kitchen walls?

Oh! Next Friday VRBO is paying for lunch at Chili’s and two hours of our time to attend the luncheon. There’s really no particular reason, other than a chance to get together and get to know one another better since we all work from home and don’t really get to socialize at the water cooler! It doesn’t hurt that we were 104% over forecast for first quarter.

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