Politics: Democrat or Republican? Why?

I hear a lot of people boldly proclaim which party they vote for, but I don’t hear the reasons quite as boldly.  I’ve heard that Republicans are for the rich man, and Democrats are for the unions.  Republicans are generally pro-life, and Democrats are generally pro-choice.

I don’t understand why a person would jump in on one side or the other based solely on one issue.  Then again, both sides are going to do something we don’t like.

Politics … What a heated discussion that can be!  What I would like to see are comments flooding in telling me what you like and dislike about each party and why.

2 Replies to “Politics: Democrat or Republican? Why?”

  1. Bravo! Thank you for having the courage to speak up about your beliefs! I’ll be revisiting this in another post soon. I want to see if anyone else is brave enough to speak up first.


  2. I’m a democrat. I registered as a republican at 18, but over the years, my views have move much farther to the left.
    Why not republican any more? I can no longer support a party that supports the wars we’re currently a part of all in an attempt to line the pockets of their oil-based and defense contractor friends and family. I can no longer support a party that is anti-choice, anti-embryonic stem cell, anti-gay marriage, pro NCLB, pro Christian teachings and prayers in the schools. I cannot support the concept of the North American Union and all that it will entail. I cannot support a party that refuses to ban inhumane torture within our military prisons. I cannot support a party that ignored the harsh warnings of the environmental damage we’re doing to the planet until the evidence became so overwhelming that the public demanded their attention. I cannot support the Patriot Act and the terror inflicted upon Americans in fueling the fear that “terrorists are out to get us everywhere and we must be willing to sacrifice our rights in order to remain protected and safe.” And I cannot support a party that I truly believe is corrupt on so many levels that we, the people, don’t even have an inkling of how deep it goes.
    Why am I a democrat now? Because I value and respect a party who will ensure that women retain control of their own bodies. I will support a party who I feel confident will not attempt to infringe upon anyone’s rights because of gender, sexual orientation, race, religious affiliation, or imagined belief that the person might be a threat. I will support a party who contains the Al Gores of the world who actually give a crap about the environment *and*, more importantly, have been paying attention for years now instead of jumping on the green bandwagon only once it becomes unavoidable. And finally, I’m just tired. I’m tired of old white men running the government for 200 years. I’m tired of spending the last seven years watching everything I value and believe in begin to deteriorate under the control of the current *Republican* administration. I can take no more.


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